What CBD Dosage Do I Need?

This is a question we get asked A LOT … and, to be honest, it’s a very difficult question to answer.

AS CBD is a natural food supplement and not a medicine, there is very little scientific research at this point that specifies exactly how much CBD you require for your particular symptoms.

However, we’ve put together some simple guidelines that we’ve put together based on our own online research and from listening to feedback from our customers who have had great results with CBD Oil.

Hopefully, this information will provide some guidelines to help you decide what dose will be effective for you.

Its important to note that CBD Oil products are food supplements and therefore are legally required tp provide some guidance on ‘serving size’ or recommended use.

In the case of CBD, these guideline should be taken as a very broad recommendation and it is likely that your particular requirements may be very different to the suggested dose.

The important thing to establish is how many mg of CBD there is per drop of the CBD Oil you are taking.

If you have 10ml bottle of 5% CBD, this will equate to 500mg CBD in total in the whole bottle.

A 10ml bottle holds around 240-250 drops, so each drop has around 2mg CBD (500mg CBD / 250 drops).

If this information is not displayed on the label, it is important to calculate this for the specific product you have.

It can be estimated by multiplying the volume by 10, and then multiplying this by the CBD percentage, eg.

If you had a 20ml bottle of 15% CBD Oil, you would do the following calculation:

20ml x 10 = 200

200 x 15 = 3000mg

This is a rough estimation., but close enough to give you an adequate guideline.

So, what dosage should you use?

This is the real question and, as stated previously, there is no real scientific data that provides and definitive number.

And, due to government guidelines, no one can say that CBD will cure, help or treat any health condition… But, when deciding on a dose that you are comfortable with, consider the following:

Your weight and the severity of your condition.

Typically, the heavier you are, the more CBD you will need.

The more severe your situation, the more CBD you are likely to need.

The chart below will give you some idea of what a suitable dose might be, but bear in mind that we always advise to start with a lower dose and increase it if and when you feel you need to.

Severity of Condition

Weight (Kg)

0 – 12

13 – 20

21 – 40

41 – 70

71 – 110

111 +