We create a wide range of  CBD products and only use the finest raw materials and the most advanced extraction and refinement techniques.

We are fully GMP accredited so you can be confident that our products are manufactured to the most stringently controlled conditions and according to European Health and Safety Standards.

All Trade CBD products are manufactured in specifically designed ‘clean rooms’ that make any risk of contamination virtually zero ensuring that there is absolutely nothing in our products other than CBD and the chosen carrier oil.

We only use the very finest EU authorised, non-GMO, industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa) and use CO2 Extraction to ensure the quality and consistency of the CBD Oil produced.

Once the CBD Oil has been mixed with the selected carrier oil, it is bottled using our state of the art bottling equipment with every bottle being filled precisely and accurately.

All CBD Trade products are lab tested by an independent third party laboratory so we can guarantee CBD concentrations and ensure that all products contain less than the UK legal limit of 0.2% THC.

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